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Monday, June 02, 2008

Panthrakikos players and officials celebratePanthrakikos became the third team to earn promotion to the Super League behind Panserraikos and Thrasyvoulos on Sunday.

The Komotini club defeated Ilisiakos 0-1 at Zografou to snatch the last ticket to the top flight from PAS Yiannina just 13 minutes before the final whistle of the season.

With Panthrakikos stuck at a goalless draw for 77 minutes, PAS Yiannina were the ones to go up as at the time they were beating Kastoria 0-1 away. Yet the golden goal by Dutch striker Ronny Van Es meant Panthrakikos are promoted to the first division for the first time in their history.

PAS Yiannina instead conceded a late equaliser which meant Kastoria managed to stay up (1-1) and condemned Egaleo and Haidari to relegation to the third division.

Egaleo drew 1-1 at Olympiakos Volou, who also fought for their survival, and suffered their second relegation in two years.

Haidari beat Ethnikos Asteras 2-0 but that was not enough to save them after losing their key game with Pierikos a week earlier.

Pierikos actually celebrated wildly for staying up thanks to their 0-1 win at Ionikos, reversing forecasts that just weeks ago saw them as favourites for relegation.

On Monday PAS Yiannina owner Alexis Kouyias announced he is putting the club up for sale.

Kerkyra 2 Kalithea 2

Haidari 2 Ethnikos Asteras 0

Ethnikos 1 Aghios Dimitrios 2

Ilisiakos 0 Panthrakikos 1

ASK Olympiakos Volou 1 Egaleo 1

Kastoria 1 PAS Yiannina 1

Kalamata 2 Thrasyvoulos 1

Ionikos 0 Pierikos 1

Panserraikos 2 Agrotikos Asteras 1

Final table:

Panserraikos 67
Thrasyvoulos 61
Panthrakikos 60
PAS Yiannina 57
Ionikos 54
Kallithea 52
Kerkyra 50
Agrotikos Asteras 47
Ethnikos 45
Ilisiakos 43
Kalamata 42
Ethnikos Asteras 41
Pierikos 41
Olympiakos Volou 39
Kastoria 39
Egaleo 39
Haidari 38
Aghios Dimitrios 14

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thrasyvoulos celebrate promotionThrasyvoulos secured their promotion to the Super League on Wednesday and Panthrakikos laid their claim to the third privileged spot, behind B' Ethniki champions Panserraikos.

Thrasyvoulos beat Ethnikos 2-0 at home and advanced for the first tie ever in their hostory to the top flight. Rumours, however, suggest they may need to merge with another club to have any chance of surviving, putting forward the name of Apollon of Athens, currently in the fourth division.

Panthrakikos edged closer to promotion, also for the first time ever, as they came back from 0-1 down to defeat visiting Kerkyra 2-1 amid wild celebrations and a pitch invasion after the final whistle.

Panthrakikos still need to beat Ilisiakos away on Sunday in the last round of games, or hope PAS Yiannina fail to beat Kastoria away.

That is beacause PAS remained one point behind the Komotini club thanks to their 4-0 thrashing of ASK Olympiakos Volou at home.

Panserraikos will finish top of the table having beaten bottom club Aghios Dimitrios 0-2 in Athens.

Ionikos lost all hope of going up as they conceded an equaliser in the end of their 1-1 match at struggling Kastoria.

Pierikos scored a precious 1-0 home win over Haidari that saw them edge closer to safety, while condemning the visitors to relegation to the third division.

The relegation dogfight between Egaleo and Kalamata ended 1-0 but was marred by clashes between players in the end with the participation of some Egaleo fans, too. Before the game there were also clashes between rival fans.

Aghios Dimitrios 0 Panserraikos 2

Ethnikos Asteras 1 Ilisiakos 2

Kallithea 4 Agrotikos Asteras 3

Panthrakikos 2 Kerkyra 1

Thrasyvoulos 2 Ethnikos 0

Kastoria 1 Ionikos 1

PAS Yiannina 4 ASK Olympiakos Volou 0

Pierikos 1 Haidari 0

Egaleo 1 Kalamata 0

Standings (after 33 games): Panserraikos 64, Thrasyvoulos 61. Panthrakikos 57, PAS Yiannina 56, Ionikos 54, Kallithea 51, Kerkyra 49, Agrotikos Asteras 47, Ethnikos 45, Ilisiakos 43, Ethnikos Asteras 41, Kalamata 39, Olympiakos Volou 38, Kastoria 38, Egaleo 38, Pierikos 38, Haidari 35, Aghios Dimitrios 11.

Panserraikos celebrate promotion
Ionikos thrash PAS Yiannina 4-1
Panthrakikos, Ionikos find new promotion hope
PAS Yiannina drop two points at home
Panserraikos, Thrasyvoulos closer to Super League
PAS lose but stay third
Win for PAS takes them closer to B' Ethniki top
Panserraikos, Ionikos, Kallithea lose
Ionikos lose in seven-goal thriller
Panserraikos win despite missing two penalties
Panserraikos closer to promotion
Serres club beat PAS at Yiannina
Thrasyvoulos lose, Panserraikos draw
Aghios Dimitrios change coaches again
Seven-goal thriller in Thessaloniki
PAS, Thrasyvoulos and Kallithea lose in B' Ethniki
Five-goal Panserraikos pull away
PAS rise to second in B' Ethniki
Panserraikos, Thrasyvoulos march on
PAS Yiannina lose ground in B' Ethniki

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